American Jurisprudence, 2d
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Am. Jur. 2d General Index, Main Volume, and Pocket Part

Before leaving the main volume to find any referred to cases and statutes, the researcher must check the supplement for that volume to determine whether there are any updates to the information contained in the volume. In this case, the supplement is a pocket part, meaning it is found in the back of the book inserted into a sleave, or pocket. Above we have the complete set of tools utilized by Am. Jur. 2d: the General Index, the Main Volume, and the supplement. One of the most important research habits is this: always check the pocket part!

One more tool utilized by Am. Jur. 2d is the Volume Index (sometimes called the Title Index). This index may be found at the back of most main volumes, and is an index just for that volume. But never begin in the Volume (or Title) Index, since it may not lead you to other topics relevant to your research, as would the General Index.